Independent Senior Living, Is It Just a Dream Or Reality?

Independent senior living communities are residential housing specifically designed for senior citizens. Senior citizens who reside in independent senior living homes often suffer from various kinds of ailments and disabilities that require special kinds of care and attention. These residents often require assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, dressing up and using the restroom facilities. In order to provide all these needs of their senior residents independent senior living homes have been built.

Although most of these communities are designed keeping in mind the needs of seniors, they are also suitable for healthy adults who want to lead a simple life and enjoy staying young. These kinds of communities have a number of features that make them different from a traditional retirement or resort community. They provide several types of amenities, including: community services such as dining rooms, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, and health services like doctor and dentist visits, medication management, and medical exam. Some of these communities also provide recreational programs for the seniors including games, dances, concerts, etc. You can discover more about a senior living community or view here for more guides on picking the right one.

The cost of an independent senior living community depends on the features it offers its residents. For instance, while a simple community may provide simple facilities like housekeeping services, upscale communities may have several features like gymnasiums, swimming pools, tennis courts, and golfing facilities. The residents may also be given the choice of selecting their own apartment, shared community room, or a combination of apartment and community rooms. The residents may also be given the freedom to decide how much money they want to spend for their independent living community. Some communities allow residents to cook on their own, while others offer common areas where meals are served and private sleeping areas provided.

Independent senior living communities usually come with several facilities. Among these are: dining rooms, which feature private dining rooms and/or balconies; laundry facilities; doctor and dentist centers; libraries with access to books, newspapers, magazines, and/or the Internet; recreational and fitness centers; beauty shops; internet cafes; and a library. Also, there are usually group activities and events provided by the center. There are also some facilities like golf courses and health clubs that may be available to residents. The communities usually maintain a certain ratio of residents to staff members.

While some seniors prefer independent living communities, there are other seniors who opt for assisted living or in-home care from a private company. The independent living community allows seniors to stay in their own homes, but requires the assistance of staff members who are trained to handle the needs of seniors in the community. The assisted living facility usually provides twenty-four hour supervision, which includes two licensed social workers, a licensed practical nurse, and a medical assistant. These staff members are specially trained to provide basic and therapeutic care to seniors in need, depending on their unique circumstances.

Independent senior living communities and assisted living facilities are two different concepts. There are many senior communities that cater to the specific needs of seniors; while some provide both adult and assisted living services to seniors. You will have to look around to find the right community for your specific needs. Independent senior living is becoming more popular than ever. You can read more on this here:

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